Young Entrepreneur Seeking Scholarship To Cover School and Living expenses.

My story

I am an artist at my core and I live for all things creative. Music and poetry have kept me afloat in my most tumultuous times, and I've been told that I write powerful words. Now I am learning how to combine them with music and craft professional, relevant, cohesive, bodies of work. I also plan to help other artists do the same in a safe and supportive space.

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I am a full-time student who is currently out of work. I am a self-employed skincare therapist and I was just starting to build up my clientele before the pandemic started. Unfortunately they are not comfortable receiving services at this point. As a result, I have almost no income coming in and I still need to pay my tuition and help my family pay bills. If I could reach my 40,000 goal, that would be enough to cover my tuition and pay some bills. Anything towards that amount would greatly appreciated!

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Ariel Greene


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