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Ibrahim Bello Rufai

Lagos State Polytechnic
Started on Jun 2017
Undergrad 1st Year
Department of Mass Communication
Faculty of Media
Current CGPA:
Lagos State
State of Origin:

Wants ₦18,000

I need the money to augment my school fees. The fee is actually 50,000 Naira, but I've been able to save 32,000 by working shifts, driving tricycle, working as a labourer etc.

Sponsorships Received
₦5,000 Anonymous 8 months ago

I lost my dad about a year ago and my mom sells petty things. She really wish she could help me, but I know she's incapacitated. The proceeds from her trade hardly even is enough for feeding. 

After losing my dad, and seeing that things were becoming difficult, I wrote the school authority to allow me convert from the full time program I was to a part time. My request was turned down at the first attempt. On a second attempt, it was approved even though the school rarely does this. By being on a part time program, I have been able to do menial jobs with which I have fed myself and my mom, as well as save up for my tuition. This was how I have saved 32,000 Naira out of the 50,000 Naira tuition.

If the deadline were not so close, I would still have worked my bones to raise the remaining balance. 

Here are the student's answer to the following questions:
What are your career aspirations?
To be one of the best and finest journalists in Africa.
What challenge motivates or inspires you?
As an only child, I have always wanted to be everything to my parents. Loosing my dad about a year ago made me thought I had lost it all. But remembering how lucky I am to still have my mother around makes me stand back on my feet.
Who is your most important mentor, and why?
My mother. She has been through a lot in her life, yet she has refused to let life put her down.
Which inspirational figure/person, real or fictional, has influenced you the most?
Dele Momodu
What is your personal mantra?
Never give up.